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Facts About Dental Implants

You should not be surprised when you come across a person with dental implants because they have become very common nowadays. The functioning and appearance of dental implants are the same as those of real teeth and this is why they have become very common nowadays. If you need roots for artificial teeth, you need to think about dental implants since they are metal posts that act as the roots of such teeth. It is after your jawbone has healed when these dental implants will function well.

Before dental implants are put in place, several procedures need to be performed by a dentist. It is good to know a lot about dental implants before you go for them. Below is a discussion on some of the facts about dental implants.

Before dental implants are put in place, a comprehensive evaluation has to be done on your jawbone. Jawbone evaluation is done with the aim of determining the dental implant procedure that will work for you. When your jawbone is being evaluated, expect your impressions to be looked at and also x-ray machines to be used. During the evaluation, the color of your teeth needs to be keenly checked to ensure that the dental implants that you get a match with the color of your teeth. Your teeth need to be evaluated if you are interested in knowing the number of teeth that need to be replaced with dental implants. In case you have other medical conditions, you should let your dentist know during the evaluation process.

A dental implant should be put in your jawbone after the tooth that is being replaced is extracted. The tooth extraction process is short and painless. Such is because dentists give an anesthesia option so that you feel numb when the tooth is being extracted. You should be surprised when you feel some pressure when a tooth is being removed from your mouth as happens. You do not have to wait for several days after your tooth has been extracted before a dental implant is put in place since all this can be done on the same day. After all this is done, avoid smoking, spitting, or using straws as it will make you feel some pain in the affected area.

You can have a dental implant put in your jawbone or under your gum line. You need to have a strong and thick jawbone if you need the option of dental implants on jawbones. If you need a dental implant to be put in your jawbone and your jawbone is not strong and thick, an extra bone can be added to the area in which you want the dental implant to be put. Some of the facts about dental implants are articulated above.

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